FAQs on Watch Link Adjustment & Batteries

watch battery and gears being replaced with watch face in background





FAQs About Watch Link Adjustments, Watch Batteries & Care

Looking back at some of our past articles we’ve posted a lot of information about watches including watch battery replacement, watch band or link adjustments and overall good watch care. If you’re like us, though, and short on time to read each article we’re going to narrow it down for you! Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we receive at our Gilbert showroom and the answers to help get you and your watch back on time!

1. Do You Replace Watch Batteries & How Long Will it Take?

We will happily replace your watch battery and in most cases can get the new battery in while you wait. If you have four or more watches that need battery replacement, we will have you leave them for the day and will then call you when they are ready, usually within a day or so. If you don’t need your watch or time pieces back right away, we also offer cleaning and refurbishing of the band and case for only $52 per watch. This gets your watch looking and working like new! So, if you wish, we can complete that service within two to three days as well.

2. Which Watch Battery Lasts Longer?

This is a great question that depends on many factors! We always use quality watch battery brands but it’s not necessarily about the brand so much as how old a watch is, how often it is worn and how well the watch is cared for. The factory installed battery that comes with the watch lasts the longest because of the factory seal and all the gears and mechanisms are new so they naturally work better to use less battery. Also, a watch with more functions uses more battery so you’ll find yourself replacing it more often. The biggest thing we stress is being consistent about wiping off your watch every time you wear it and avoiding hard impacts, chemical contact or magnetic fields! Those preventative steps will go a long way in keeping the watch battery in good shape.

3. Can You Adjust Links on My Watch to Fit My Wrist?

If you have a new watch that doesn’t fit quite right, we have all the necessary tools to make your watch link adjustments so that it isn’t sliding around on your wrist. A watch should never be sliding up, down or around your wrist more than a couple inches. If it is, then it’s too loose and we can remove the watch links to make sure you have a good fit. On the other hand, if your watch is leaving an imprint on your arm then it’s too tight, so we can look at adjusting the watch links or in some cases, replacing the watch band all together if needed.

4. My Watch is Running Slow, Can You Fix It?

That’s what we’re here for! If your watch isn’t keeping the time there could be many reasons for this so you’ll want to bring it to our Gilbert shop so we can diagnose the issue and discuss the solution with you. It could be as simple as a battery replacement, which we can do while you wait, or as complex as taking the watch to a specialized watch rebuilder if extensive damage is found. Either way, our skilled Gilbert jeweler can help you figure out the problem and guide you to getting that watch ticking again!

We take great pride in helping our customers with all their watch needs including battery replacement, band or watch link adjustments and cleaning or refurbishing the case. You name it, we are here to help so come visit our Gilbert showroom anytime!