Things to Do With Your Outdated Jewelry

assorted old jewelry to sell gold or custom make new jewelry

Should You Sell Gold Jewelry or Create New Custom Jewelry?

We all have outdated jewelry in our collections but the question is, do I repurpose it or is it better to sell my old gold jewelry? We’ll share what we’ve seen in the jewelry business with regard to selling gold versus a fun option to create new jewelry from your miscellaneous pieces but most of all we hope to help get you enjoying those jewelry pieces again one way or another!

Does the Jewelry Have Special Meaning or Could Custom Jewelry Be Made?

Over the years, many of us continually add to our jewelry collection either buying pieces ourselves, receiving gifts or even inheriting family heirlooms. As with all things, styles change and our taste changes too so you probably have jewelry that you once loved to wear but don't anymore. But why let this jewelry just sit there in a drawer or box unused?! There are some beautiful custom jewelry pieces we’ve made from jewelry that was just ‘sitting there’ and we have also restored jewelry for those very special and well worn pieces. So what is best for your jewelry? In these instances you’ll have to make a personal decision as to how sentimental it is to you. Obviously a family heirloom that has been passed down would be a piece we would suggest repairing or restoring. If you want to make the jewelry your own and really don’t care for the setting you could ask the jeweler to give it a new look. For example, we have had couples use the diamond from their grandmother's ring and set it into a new engagement ring to have that extra special meaning! Others decide they want to spend the money to fully restore the jewelry piece or the other alternative we’ll discuss is to sell the gold and stones from outdated jewelry to use toward purchasing new jewelry.

Have You Shopped Prices for Selling Gold?

Using the money from selling your gold to buy new jewelry is very common! If you’re unsure about the quality of the gemstones or the karat of the gold in the settings, be sure to ask your trusted Gilbert jeweler. We always hope to help you make an informed decision and want you to find the best place to sell your gold. Sometimes it is thought that because a family heirloom has been passed down it is worth a lot when in reality, the stone or setting may not be the greatest quality or we’ve seen the opposite where people have brought in a miscellaneous assortment of jewelry and end up having something worth more than they thought! So either way, it is important to know what you have before you choose to sell or create new custom jewelry to weigh the cost advantages of both options.

We find that most of the time the decision about jewelry will really depend on the quality of the jewelry you have as well as the sentiment attached to it. Whichever path you choose to take with your jewelry will be the right one for you and we are here to help answer any questions you have!