Top Highlights of Our Online Jewelry Store

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Top Highlights of Our Online Jewelry Store

There’s something really fun and exciting about browsing sparkly baubles, trying on different pieces to see the light play off the gemstone and ultimately choosing jewelry in our Gilbert jewelry shop! However, in this day and age we also know that time, distance and other factors don’t always allow our customers to come see us in person so that is why we offer our trusted online jewelry store. We understand that it can seem a bit daunting to shop online at first but that is why we’ve listed some of the great features included in our easy to use digital store!

1. Buy From a Trusted Jeweler

Any jeweler that has an online presence should strive to make the digital shopping experience as seamless and helpful as possible. That is why we pride ourselves on maintaining the same level of service and standards in our online store as we have in our Gilbert showroom. Our Gilbert jewelers review countless collections of jewelry available and have selected only the best quality for you to choose from. We want to be sure you’re completely thrilled with your purchase so we include detailed images as well as all of the specifications of the jewelry that you’re buying, down to the exact measurements of the stones, neck chains and even the millimeters of the earring posts!

2. Search by the Type of Jewelry You Want

Right off the bat you can choose to see only the selection of rings or earrings or whatever type of jewelry you’re looking for so that it’s not overwhelming. Plus, you can get as specific as you want in the search! If you have a specific color you’re looking for to match an outfit for a special occasion, you can easily search by color and the shop will show you every piece of jewelry with green gemstones in it. Maybe there is a certain stone you are looking to buy, for example ‘pearls’, you can type that in the search box and it will bring up all jewelry that has pearls in it. Then you can narrow it down to the type of metal you want, such as platinum or gold and finally, if you need a jewelry piece quickly for a last minute gift or an event, there is even a box to click on to see what is available to be shipped out that day!

3. Endless Jewelry Options to Choose From

As gorgeous as it would be to see all these sparkly pieces in one store, it would have to be the size of a huge warehouse to showcase all the quality jewelry we offer. Plus, as we mentioned above, you can see multiple versions of the same ring. The online store shows pictures of a ring with different gemstones and set in different metals whereas most jewelry stores only have in-stock one of a certain style of ring or necklace to view. So, since we physically can’t have all this inventory in our Gilbert store we offered the next best thing!

4. Convenient Quotes from Knowledgeable Jeweler

This is a major plus! As you browse our selection you can add things to ‘My Quote’ which is like a shopping cart and before you submit it there is an option to type in any questions you have. One of our experienced jewelers will be able to respond to you personally and give a professional answer to help ensure your purchase goes smoothly.

The great thing is you can always pick up the phone and call us if you need guidance. Whichever way you shop with us, it is our privilege to help you find the perfect jewelry!