Ring, Bracelet, Earring & Necklace Restoration

Ring, Bracelet, Earring and Necklace Restoration

Restoring jewelry is a little bit different than jewelry repair. Jewelry restoration is considered to be more of an art form that requires in depth knowledge of all gemstones and precious metals so luckily, with our 90+ years of combined experience, we can help! Jewelry restoration may be as simple as cleaning and polishing the jewelry or could be as complex as rebuilding your jewelry pieces. So whether you have a tarnished necklace, broken pieces of a bracelet or just need to have your wedding or engagement ring replated, let us make it shiny and new again!

Women's & Men's Ring Restoration or Replatingvintage-white-gold-ring-before-after

In need of ring replating? Replating is the process of applying a microscopic layer of rhodium to white gold to brighten its appearance. This is a very common procedure for wedding bands or engagement rings that lose their luster over the years so let our replating services give your ring a little lift! If your ring needs restoring, our expert jewelers will inspect your ring to determine the type of metal and gemstones so they can discuss appropriate options with you. Depending on the condition of your ring, it may just need a proper cleaning and polishing. We have specialty equipment to clean and polish jewelry and for some stones in particular, special techniques are needed to avoid scratching the gems. If you have a ring that needs in depth work and possible rebuilding we will work with you and your budget to help you decide what will give you the best results.

Bracelet Restoration

Sometimes all that is needed to restore a bracelet is a professional cleaning to remove dirt, grime and oils that build up on the intricate parts of the bracelet and its gemstones. Another request we get fairly often for bracelets is to replace missing stones or to re-cut chipped stones to restore them to their full glory. We will work to carefully match the new or re-cut gems with the remaining stones. In some cases, bracelets are very delicate and may need a lot to rebuild them or may be beyond restoration so we will do our best to restore it if that is your wish but there may be some instances that we suggest to use pieces of the jewelry to create something new and we are happy to help with that custom work as well!

Earring Restoration or Repurpose

Earrings are so delicate and smaller than other jewelry so they have an unfortunate habit of being lost or crushed. Most jewelry collections probably have at least one pair of earrings that is missing a small piece, like a diamond or gemstone or perhaps one whole earring is gone. While we can happily replace smaller stones, it is a bit more difficult to replace a whole earring to exactly match the one you have left. So our expert jewelers will discuss the importance of the jewelry with you and the best options which may include repurposing the earring/earrings into a necklace pendant or a custom ring.

Necklace Restoration

Necklaces and necklace pendants have a knack for becoming very tarnished, especially when stored improperly or with other metals. Our jewelers have special techniques to restore, clean and polish the piece and then we always suggest keeping necklaces, and all jewelry for that matter, in an airtight location to slow future tarnishing. For pearl or beaded necklaces, we offer restringing and cleaning to restore your favorite go-to necklaces!

If you have any piece of jewelry that you need restored or small diamonds or gemstones that need replaced, we are here to help. Let Forever Diamonds be your one stop jewelry shop for all your jewelry needs!