Removing a Ring When It’s Stuck on Your Finger

diamond ring stuck on finger

How to Remove a Ring That is Stuck

Have you ever tried on a ring or gone to remove your diamond engagement ring after a hot day and it won’t come off?! Many of us have been there, especially during the hot summers here in Gilbert, AZ. Never fear, we have some tricks of the jewelry trade to help get that ring unstuck. So if you’re frantically trying to pull off a ring right now, stop and take a few deep breaths and let us help.

What to Do If Your Diamond Ring Won’t Come Off

First, don’t panic! Your ring will eventually come off one way or another and when your body feels panicked your heart rate goes up which can increase swelling. So, start by taking some long, deep breaths. If the ring is stuck due to your hands being a bit swollen try holding your hands above your head for a few minutes to help swelling go down. Then, run your hands under cool water or hold something cold, like ice for a few seconds. Instead of pulling on the ring, try to twist and wiggle it to see if that will get it to move and always try to relax the finger while you twist. Pulling a ring over a tensed knuckle will cause your skin to bunch up. Another tried and true method would be to put soap and water on the affected finger to see if that helps the ring slide off more easily. Believe it not, window cleaner is actually a very successful option when it comes to removing rings! It is very common for us to use window cleaner to help our customers slip their rings off. Oils or lotions can make a mess of a ring but the thin, slippery solution of soap and water or window cleaner will save your ring from build up. If you’ve tried all these things with no luck then come to our Gilbert showroom and we can take a look. Sometimes it’s necessary to have the ring cut off but that’s why having a jeweler help with that is important because they also have the tools to repair the ring or at least save the precious gems and set them in a new ring setting.

What if My Ring Is Stuck Due to Injury?

If you have had a major injury to your hands go straight to your doctor or the ER so they can properly care for you, even if that means cutting off your ring. As we said above, your Gilbert jeweler can always help put a ring back together. For minor injuries such as slamming your finger in a door, try to remove your rings immediately. That way, if your fingers or hand swells the rings will not be stuck. If it’s too late and the rings are already stuck from slight swelling, try the soap and water or the window cleaner method as mentioned above. Since we are not medical professionals, if there is any concern that a ring is cutting off circulation go to your doctor right away. Any sign of tingling or change in skin color means that your circulation is being restricted so be sure to take care of yourself. Once you’ve healed, your Giblert jeweler can properly size your ring or assist with any repairs that are needed.

Having a ring stuck on your finger can set off your body’s panic mode. The important thing to remember is that usually with a bit of wiggling, most rings will come off but if that diamond ring isn’t budging you can come in so we can help! (In cases of injury however, we can not stress enough that you need to get yourself medical attention ASAP!) You can always bring us a damaged or cut ring after you’ve healed so we can assist in that part of the repair process!