What to Avoid When Engagement Ring Shopping

round cut diamond solitaire ring in red rose

What Are Things to Avoid When Engagement Ring Shopping?

As seasoned jewelers, we have seen and heard it all when it comes to engagement ring shopping. Finding the best deal for your budget while still getting the dream ring is what we always strive to help our customers achieve. We’ve discussed a lot of important things to look for in an engagement ring with our 4 C’s series but now we want to give you a quick list of things to steer clear of as you choose a forever diamond!

1. Don’t Skimp on Diamond ‘Color’

One of the first things the naked eye will detect is the diamond’s color so if you want to make a great first impression of the ring, try to get a GIA graded diamond with a color between D-H. A ‘D’ color grade is the highest mark a diamond can be given and is considered colorless. E and F color grades are the next best and G-H diamonds are considered nearly colorless. With these diamonds, the light that refracts from the stone will appear more vibrant and clearer than stones with more of a yellow tint which can also make them appear larger!

2. Never Buy a Diamond Without Seeing it First

This seems like a pretty straightforward rule but you would be surprised! Since you can buy anything online nowadays, including engagement rings, some people assume the picture they see of the ring is exactly what will be shipped to them. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case. While there are many reputable jewelers that sell their diamond rings from their websites, don’t be led on by websites that offer ‘amazing deals’ on diamonds that seem like a fraction of the cost of other jewelers. That should be a red flag! Even if you receive pictures of the actual ring, photographs can be in different light or even touched up to make the color or clarity appear better than they are. Always make sure there is a printed return policy and quality guarantee on the website, plus a phone number and email to contact with concerns. We suggest calling or emailing the company before purchasing an engagement ring to confirm their return policy through email and to ask any questions that you have about the ring. Honest jewelers will respond to all questions and list their policies for you.

3. Be Careful of Carat Weight

Try not to get too caught up in the carat of the diamond. While it’s good to have a certain carat weight in mind, it’s important to look at the other aspects of the diamond, like color, cut and clarity. Depending on the cut, diamonds can look larger or smaller than they really are. A diamond’s face up look can be very different than what you imagine a 1-carat diamond to look like if it is cut too deep. Talk to the jeweler about the diamond grade and have them show you different carat sizes, colors and cuts so you can see the difference for yourself!

As always, we want to help make you an informed buyer and wish you all the best as you search for that special ring! Feel free to come visit our Gilbert showroom or call us with any questions.