Preventing Engagement Ring Loss

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How to Secure Your Engagement Ring Before the Proposal

In a previous article we discussed how to care for engagement rings which included some great tips to follow but since that was based on ring care after the engagement or wedding we wanted to give some pointers on keeping the ring safe even before the proposal or vows! Purchasing an engagement ring is a major investment and we understand how much sentiment goes into choosing the perfect one so be sure once that precious bauble is in your hands that it doesn’t get lost in the excitement of planning the proposal.

Are Engagement Rings Covered by Renter/Homeowner’s Insurance?

Most of the time you don’t propose the same day that you purchase the engagement ring which means there is lag time between the ring being in your hands to when it is on her finger. Hopefully you have a safe, secret spot to keep the ring safe but just to be totally prepared, it would be a good idea to do some research on insurance beforehand in the unlikely event of loss or theft. Depending on your renter’s or homeowner’s policy the insurance company can explain what is covered and what is not. Based on what you find it may make sense to add to the policy (called an extension or a rider) to include engagement ring coverage. According to Investopedia, the average annual rate for coverage is about $1-$2 for every $100 that the ring is worth so if you have a $5,000 engagement ring it would cost about $50-$100 to insure each year. It is always a good idea to have a solid copy of the proof of purchase or receipt of the diamond ring, pictures from multiple angles of the ring and the diamond grading report. This type of documentation can be very helpful if the ring is lost or stolen, which we hope will never happen but better to be prepared than not!

Engagement Ring Security During Destination Proposals

A fun trend that we’ve all heard about or maybe even been a part of are destination proposals. Obviously, the element of surprise is crucial but so is keeping the engagement ring safe! Depending on how you are traveling it will help to plan ahead to decide exactly where the ring will be kept during travel and once you reach your destination. Check to see if there is a safe where you are staying to ensure you can store it in a locked place for safe keeping if you don’t plan to propose the first day you arrive. If you are flying, look over the TSA guidelines and follow their suggestion to carry the ring in your carry-on bag, not on your person because that could set off the alarm. Be sure that your carry-on bag is packed appropriately with no liquids or metal that can cause the bag to be emptied out and searched and it would be helpful to have a note attached to the ring box explaining what it is so if you are searched, the surprise can still be saved.

With a little bit of planning and being prepared just in case any missteps happen with the engagement ring, you are all set to pop the question. During this very special time of life we truly hope everything goes smoothly and that the proposal is memorable! As always, the jewelers in our Gilbert showroom are here to help with any diamond and engagement ring questions you have so feel free to come on by!