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Understanding Diamonds: Carat

What Is Diamond Carat?

The 4C Series

To complete our lessons on the 4 C’s of diamonds we reach our final ‘C’ - carat weight.  Armed with the knowledge you've gained in the previous three posts and an understanding of diamond carat weight you will be able to determine how to make your ultimate diamond purchase and confidently know you've made an informed decision.

Diamonds and Carat Weight

As you probably have figured out on your own, diamond carat weight is the amount a diamond weighs.  The higher the carat weight, the higher the price because larger diamonds are considered rarer and more desirable. Most people don't spend their time dreaming about a smaller diamond! 

Learn more about Carat in our 4C Series!

August’s Birthstone: Peridot

Peridot Mining in the U.S. Raw unfinished Arizona peridot

If you are looking for a peridot and you call Gilbert, Mesa, Phoenix or any of the other Arizona cities your home then you are in luck! One of the largest deposits of the stunning bright green gemstone is located in our very own Arizona1.

July’s Birthstone: Ruby

Ruby Mining in the U.S.

Although you won’t find rubies in Arizona, there are several states that have working ruby mines. If you are looking to do a little digging of your own you can visit Alabama, Arkansa or North Carolina to visit a number of “fee mining sites”.

Understanding Diamonds: Cut

What Is Diamond Cut?

The 4C Series

Diamond ring featuring diamond cut post of the 4C's of Diamonds.

June’s Birthstone: Pearl

Pearl Farming in the U.S. 

The two main types of pearls used in jewelry are freshwater and saltwater pearls.

Understanding Diamonds: Clarity

What Is Diamond Clarity?

The 4C Series

Forever Diamonds Egg Hunt Rules Page

Think Easter Egg Hunts Are Just for Kids? Think again!

First Annual Forever Diamonds Easter Egg Hunt!

This is a virtual Easter Egg hunt with eggs hidden all throughout the pages of our website! Anyone is welcome to join in the Forever Diamonds Easter Egg hunt! You will need to post to our page when you find an egg, so “Like” us on Facebook to join in on the fun. 20 lucky winners will receive a prize AND be entered into a drawing for a Diamond Cross Necklace ($1000 value). Who said kids should have all the fun?

April's Birthstone: Diamond

Diamond Mining in the U.S.

Understanding Diamonds: Color

What Does the Color of a Diamond Mean?

Part of The 4C Series

Understanding Diamond Color: 4C's Series

March’s Birthstone: Aquamarine

Aquamarine Mining in the U.S.

Aquamarine stone for jewelry in AZAlthough Arizona is not home to any mines for aquamarine, there are mines located in some eastern states including Connecticut, North Carolina, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, and Colorado.