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3rd Annual Forever Diamonds Easter Egg Hunt

The Grown-Up (virtual) Easter Egg Hunt!

How to Avoid Needing Watch Repair

Whether you wear a watch everyday or only for special occasions there are some watch care tips we want to share to help you avoid watch repairs.

Engagement Rings: Etiquette

You’ve found your one and only love and now you want to spend your time finding and purchasing the perfect engagement ring so be sure to do it right!

Engagement Rings: Styles & Current Trends

Along with choosing a ring setting, there are several styles of diamonds and gemstones to choose from and current trends made popular by celebrities have shown us that most any style ring can be considered an engagement ring.

Engagement Rings: Creative Holiday Proposals

As the holidays quickly approach this year our thoughts turn towards family gatherings and traditions, holiday parties, sparkling lights and….wedding proposals! December is the most popular month to get engaged and it’s not hard to see why.

Engagement Rings: Settings Guide

Engagement rings are meant to be timeless, treasured jewels to symbolize a couple’s love and commitment to one another. As such a meaningful piece of jewelry, it is no wonder that a lot of time and thought be put into choosing the ring. With so many options nowadays it may seem a bit overwhelming but let us give you a few pointers.

Engagement Rings: History & How The Diamond Ring Became Popular

When hearing the word engagement ring, most people tend to envision some sort of sparkling diamond ring. Although recent years have shown colored gemstones and vintage rings as a popular choice, engagement ring trends have evolved over the centuries and if you look into the past traditions, diamonds were not always sought after. If you love diamond rings as much as we do, here’s a brief history of engagement rings used throughout the ages.

How to Avoid Needing Jewelry Repair: Ring Care

Has your wedding ring been scratched or tarnished? Perhaps your favorite vintage ring has a broken prong or worst of all, your engagement ring lost one of its diamonds. Any of these scenarios can happen over the lifetime of a ring so it’s important to act quickly when you notice something amiss!

How To Pick a Jeweler You Can Trust

If you live in or around the Gilbert area and are considering buying a gemstone, purchasing new jewelry or have priceless jewelry you would like repaired, it can be daunting to know where to go. Finding someone you can trust may take some searching, but is worth it when you think about the investment you’re making. You wouldn’t buy stocks or bonds without consulting a professional first. It is the same with finding a knowledgeable jeweler and can make all the difference in your jewelry purchase or repairs. Regardless of whether you live in Arizona or not, we’ve compiled a quick guide to choosing a jeweler which will help you find someone who best fits your needs.

2nd Annual Forever Diamonds Easter Egg Hunt

An Easter Egg Hunt for Grown-Ups!

Like last year, this is a virtual Easter Egg hunt with eggs hidden all throughout the pages of our website! No need to travel to Gilbert to participate. Anyone is welcome to join in the Forever Diamonds Easter Egg hunt! In order to participate you will need to visit our Forever Diamonds website AND our Forever Diamonds Facebook page.