Most Common Jewelry Repair: Ring Repair

detailed yellow gold diamond ring with accent diamond being replaced

Most Common Jewelry Repair: Ring Repairs

It’s not surprising that ring repairs are the most common jewelry repairs our Gilbert jeweler sees because out of all the jewelry we have, rings get the most wear and tear! So if you have a missing gemstone or broken setting, you’re not alone. We’re here to help get that ring back on your finger so if you have any issues come on over so we can fix your ring!

Ring Has a Missing Gemstone and/or Ring Prong Needs Repaired

Have you ever looked down at your ring only to discover a gemstone missing?! We know that sinking feeling and hope you don’t ever experience it but your trusted Gilbert jeweler can help. If you have insurance on your fine jewelry it is worth calling your insurance company to see if they can help offset the cost of replacing the stones. We suggest bringing your ring to our Gilbert showroom so our jeweler can inspect the ring and secure any other loose stones. Depending on the setting, loose ring prongs may be the culprit, so it’s always a good idea to have us repair any worn or bent ring prongs. The good news is we can find gemstones of any shape, color or size to complete your ring again. If you decide not to repair your ring we offer other options as well! You could salvage the remaining gemstones to use in another custom jewelry piece and you can sell us the gold, silver or platinum setting and use those funds towards a custom ring or other jewelry at our shop. We’ll help answer any questions you have so that you can make the best choice!

Ring Setting Repair or Resize Needed

Over time, some rings get warped or are worn so much that a slight mishap causes the ring setting to break. With all our jeweler’s experience and knowledge of soldering and ring sizing, we can help repair most broken ring settings. If you see that your gold ring is starting to warp, bring it in so we can discuss possibly resizing or reinforcing the metal to prevent breakage. To help extend the life of your favorite rings our Gilbert jeweler also has some great tips on how to avoid ring repairs!

Time for Ring Restoration or ReDipping

As with any investment (cars, homes, etc.) certain maintenance has to be done once in awhile to keep things in their best condition and fine jewelry is no different! If you have some favorite rings that get a lot of wear, please be sure to have us inspect them and polish them up every year or so to be sure the setting stays strong and looking like new! You may have heard about white gold needing to be ‘redipped’ to keep it’s flawless finish and that’s because the metal retains its white color from the rhodium plating. As the plating starts to wear off the ring can begin to look dull or even yellow so we suggest having these types of rings redipped every 18-24 months to stay looking shiny and new.

When it comes to repairing rings, we’ve pretty much seen it all! Please don’t ever hesitate to call with questions and we always enjoy seeing you in person so if you have a ring that needs fixed come on in since we have all the tools and skills necessary to help.