Engagement Rings: Best Precious Metals

yellow gold and platinum diamond engagement rings side by side





Choosing the Best Engagement Ring: Precious Metals

When you think about engagement rings the mind usually pictures sparkling diamonds but a big part of that sparkle, which we don’t always think about, is the metal setting! Also, depending on the diamond or gemstones in an engagement ring, some metals can beautifully accent the gemstones. For others, there may be metal allergies to think of so we’re going to discuss these precious metals to help you choose the right one!

Most Traditional Engagement Ring Metals

It’s a timeless look that never goes out of style, a diamond set in yellow gold is an iconic engagement ring. With yellow gold you get the bonus that the setting will be very easy to resize but you will want to get it polished every so often to buff out scratches and help keep it shiny. If you prefer a brighter look then go with white gold as it helps make diamonds shine even more and looks like platinum but is more affordable! White gold settings are also easily sized but if they start to look a bit worn be sure to bring them to your Gilbert jeweler to have them re-dipped so they look brand new. A newer trend we’ve seen in engagement rings is rose gold settings which are actually a bit more durable than white or yellow gold. The only thing to be aware of is that it isn’t hypoallergenic since it is mixed with copper so if you know you have a metal allergy keep reading!

Strongest Engagement Ring Metals

For anyone that is looking for a very durable engagement ring you have two metals to choose from. Both tungsten and titanium are scratch resistant, affordable, lightweight and will not tarnish. However, because they are so tough these types of rings are not resizable and if you work a lot with heavy machinery or are just accident prone (like me!) you may want to look at the next paragraph for rings that are also strong but can be easily removed in case of an accident or injury.

Best Engagement Ring Metals for Allergies

Now we come to a big winner in terms of engagement rings! Platinum is a lovely and bright white metal that compliments diamonds very well. It does not tarnish so you won’t need to re-dip the ring and is relatively strong but not completely scratch resistant so a professional polish will keep it looking great. Another plus is that platinum engagement rings can be easily sized and are pure in composition which means they are hypoallergenic too! Because of all this and the fact that it is a rare metal, platinum engagement rings can be more expensive than the other metals. An alternative to platinum is palladium which is another metal that is durable and hypoallergenic. The thing to be aware of is that this metal can be a bit more pricey as well and is very hard to resize so you’ll want to be absolutely positive on the ring size before choosing a palladium engagement ring.

There is always a lot to think about when finding and purchasing the perfect engagement ring so that’s what we are here for, to help guide you through any questions you have about precious metals, settings, sizing and of course, the forever diamond!! So come in any time or call us and we will happily help answer what we can over the phone.