Which Type of Diamond Setting Suits You?

yellow gold diamond ring settings on display boxes

What Type of Diamond Setting is Best for You?

In the world of diamond settings there are endless possibilities, so if you can imagine it, our Gilbert jeweler can help you find the right ring or even create it for you! Did you know there are certain diamond settings that enhance the look of the stones? There are even specific settings for those that have very active lifestyles. So let’s look through all the options together to find the best diamond setting for you!

Diamond Settings That Best Show Off the Diamondwhite gold diamond ring halo setting

If you love seeing the full shape of a diamond and want maximum sparkle from that centerstone then you should look for the classic prong setting. This is what many people think of when they hear the words ‘diamond ring’ because the traditional setting is four to six metal prongs that lift up the diamond on the ring setting while holding it in place. This also allows for more light to play off the diamond making it look more brilliant and sometimes even giving the perception of a larger stone. If you are wanting a different option, a gorgeous setting that shows off the center diamond is a halo ring setting/ This is where smaller diamonds encircle the main stone in a pavé setting and can even continue along the sides of the ring setting which gives quite a sparkling effect

Best Diamond Settings For Active Lifestyles

rose gold diamond ring bezel settingWhile the traditional prong setting is very popular, it isn’t always the most practical for people who work rigorously with their hands. If you want to avoid ring prongs snagging on hair or clothing then either a bezel or channel diamond setting is right for you! In both cases the diamonds are set flush in the setting which means the stones won’t easily get bumped loose. If you’re searching for the most secure setting for your precious diamond centerstone then the bezel setting is perfect for you! The diamond is so secure because it is set in place with a small band of metal which takes very skilled craftsmanship to ensure it wraps perfectly around the stone. A popular trend for many wedding bands, the channel setting literally provides a ‘channel’ for the diamonds to set safely within the gold or platinum. We’ve seen some people just wear the diamond channel set band for everyday and then slip on their engagement ring for going out!

Most Unique Diamond Settings

east west diamond ring setting with diamonds down the bandFor those of you that envision a very distinctive ring setting here are a few options that we have seen trending lately. You could look for vintage diamond rings or even work with your Gilbert jeweler to design a custom ring inspired by vintage looks. Another eye-catching trend is called the bar setting which is becoming a choice for wedding bands. In these types of settings, the diamonds or gemstones are set in between small metal bars which really accentuates each stone in the band. Lastly, a very unique look that is gaining popularity is called the east-west setting in which the centerstone is set horizontally rather than vertically creating the look of a larger stone in some cases!

Whatever your style, your Gilbert jeweler is here to help. We will be happy to go through all the different setting options or even use our ring creation software to help you envision a custom ring so come on in or call for an appointment for one on one service with our experienced jewelers!